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Service Design Indonesia

Next week Kate Okrasinski and Daniel Christiansen will be travelling to Jakarta to present and facilitate at Service Design Indonesia 2019! 

We are driven to growing and enabling the design disciplines throughout the Asia Pacific and have partnered with Somia Customer Experience to support the first service design conference in Indonesia. 

Daniel and Kate will be hosting some of our bite-size mastery sessions on Service Design and Business Model Innovation and a keynote on affecting change through human-centred design and behavioural design. 

Service Design Hong Kong

Service Design Hong Kong (SDHK) is Asia’s conference for innovators and change-makers. Early bird tickets are now available for SDHK 2019.

A must-attend for anyone interested in Hong Kong and the broader region.”
Adam Lawrence, Co-founder, Global Service Jam

The fusion of Design and Technology is radically reshaping business, society and culture. Service Design Hong Kong focuses on the importance of Human-Centric Design practices and how they are applied to humanise technology and create better outcomes for people.

Strategy through Action: Masterclass Series

MAKE Studios and WorkPlayExperience present a series of 3 immersive and personalised half-day sessions for innovation leaders, change-makers and experienced design practitioners.

Masterclass 1: Service Enactments

Discover the power of service enactments. Drawing from the principles of theatre and drama to bring customer pain points, process deficiencies and strategic opportunities to life in an experiential way.

Masterclass 2: Advanced Facilitation

Become a more impactful facilitator and design leader. Drawing from insights gained over many years in executive training and innovation leadership, you will learn how to make these advanced techniques your own.

Masterclass 3: Innovation Leadership

Become a more impactful innovation leader and driver of transformational change. Drawing from insights gained from executive-level leadership, you will learn the innovation systems, cultures and capabilities that lead to success.

Design Thinking Asia

Design Thinking Asia is Asia’s largest community of design thinkers and doers. Through the community we run jams, hack-a-thons, workshops, social mixers, conferences & networking events so you can make new connections and build your network.

Design Thinking Hong Kong is one of the most active and engaged communities in Hong Kong. It is the centre of gravity for Design Thinking as it evolves in this part of the world.”
Kar Wai Ng, DTHK community member

We are a community-based network of over 3,000 people who are passionate about how Design Thinking can solve complex challenges, transforming businesses, governments, cities and nations.

Design for Impact

We are committed to creating meaningful and lasting benefits with design. The ‘Design for Impact’ program is a public, community based program that connects NGOs with our design thinking community and corporate clients for social innovation and change.

It is so inspiring to spend my Sunday tackling a real NGO problem, I will definitely come back for a new challenge.”
Enrich hackathon participant

Hong Kong based NGOs are invited to participate in the Design Dialogues program in one of 3 ways:

Jams & hack-a-thons

A 4 hour intensive session where the design community mobilises to help you work on a specific problem or opportunity.


A series of evening workshops, conducted over 4-6 weeks. The design community works with you to prototype a new idea, product, service or value proposition.


A series of modules designed to up-skill your team and equip you with innovation capabilities, methods and practices (based on the principles of design thinking).