Strategy Through Action Masterclass Series

Presented by MAKE Studios & WorkPlayExperience


Join us for a series of three immersive and personalised half-day masterclasses for innovation leaders, change-makers and experienced design practitioners.

These masterclasses are designed and facilitated by MAKE Studios and Adam Lawrence of WorkPlayExperience, one of the world’s leading minds in design-led innovation.

Masterclass 1: Service Enactment

Discover the power of service enactments.

This session draws from the principles of theatre and drama to bring customer pain points, process deficiencies and strategic opportunities to life in an experiential way.

This powerful technique can be used to highlight customer pain points, process deficiencies and strategic opportunities. It amplifies the emotional side of an experience and reveals the nuances of physical space, language and tone of voice.

Service enactments can be used at different stages of the design process such as exploration, ideation, prototyping and testing.

Who should attend?

  • People driving human-centric innovation programs within their organisation
  • Business strategy, marketing & design professionals
  • Product and service designers
  • People leading innovation in the public sector
  • Experienced practitioners in the fields of Service Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience & User Experience

Learning Outcomes

At this masterclass, you will explore using service enactments to:

  • start to identify pain points, process deficiencies and strategic opportunities in service experiences
  • understand the emotional experience of products and services
  • ideate and test interventions to innovate and make improvements.

Masterclass 2: Advanced Facilitation

Become a more impactful facilitator and design leader.

Drawing from insights gained over many years in executive training and innovation leadership, you will learn how to make these advanced techniques your own.

Advanced facilitation skills have fast become one of the most valued and sought after abilities for leaders in any sector. The facilitator’s mindset operates at different levels – from strategic through to tactical and builds the alignment required to navigate uncertainty.

Blending a combination of different practices, you will learn how to understand and frame problems and identify the pathways that enable individuals and teams to achieve successful, sustainable outcomes. This is a fast-paced, energetic and entertaining session that will take your practice to an entirely new level.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced practitioners in the fields of Service Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience & User Experience
  • People driving innovation and change in any sector
  • Business Strategy, Marketing & Design Professionals
  • Product, Service and Experience Designers

Learning Outcomes

After taking this masterclass, you will have the advanced facilitation skills to:

  • Explore the use of status, space, and timing in group facilitation contexts.
  • Practice dealing with problems that might occur in a co-creative session.
  • Encounter the powerful concept of Safe Space and how to build it.
  • Have an opportunity to adapt the techniques to suit your unique energy, personality and facilitation style.


Masterclass 3: Innovation Leadership

Become a more impactful innovation leader and driver of transformational change.

This session is designed to help you become a more impactful innovation leader and driver of transformational change. Drawing from insights gained from executive level leadership, you will learn the innovation systems, cultures and capabilities that lead to success.

Impactful innovation depends on the successful culmination of strategy, culture and execution. As a leader of strategic transformation, you will need to align and activate your organisation to navigate the rapidly changing world.

The session is active and engaging, taking a practical, learn by doing approach. Drawing from a combination of leading business practices, you will learn how to make innovation leadership an integral part of your style.

Who should attend?

  • Innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs who would like to lead and drive change.
  • People driving innovation, transformation and change in any sector
  • HR, Talent management and employee engagement professionals
  • Product & Service Designers, Design Thinking practitioners, Customer Experience & User Experience leaders.

Learning Outcomes

After taking this masterclass, you will have the innovation leadership skills to:

  • Spark and activate desirable change within your organisation.
  • Mobilise teams around a common vision and instil in them the motivation to succeed.
  • Turn ideas into opportunities for innovation and growth through prototyping and story-telling
  • Identify the innovations systems, culture and capability your organisation needs to maximise and sustain innovation efforts.

Your facilitators

Lead Facilitator: Adam Lawrence

Adam Lawrence is a customer experience consultant, comedian and actor with a background in psychology and the global automotive industry.  For years he has been using expertise gained in the world of theater, film, stand-up comedy and storytelling to help organisations influence and impress their customers and partners.  Adam is co-founder of WorkPlayExperience, and co-initiator of the Global Service Jam - the world’s biggest ever service design event (so far). He is a co-author of the top selling book, This is Service Design Doing.

Lead Facilitator: Kate Okrasinski

Kate is Director of Innovation at MAKE Studios. Drawing from her experience as an executive coach and strategic designer, Kate works with organisations to design and drive business transformation, cultural and organisational change programs. Using a blend of human-centric disciplines (such as Design Thinking and Service Design) Kate helps organisations to navigate the complex digital landscape to solve business challenges.


Friday March 1, 13:00 – 18:00
Masterclass 1: Service Enactment

Saturday March 2, 13:00 – 18:00
Masterclass 2: Advanced Facilitation

Tuesday March 5, 13:00 – 18:00
Masterclass 3: Innovation Leadership

Every Masterclass ends with a social mixer, so you’ll have time to continue the conversations you start on the day, create new connections, grow your network and get set up for future collaborations.


MAKE Sprint Space
42 Wong Chuk Hang road,
Remex Centre, 20/F Unit 2012
Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Pricing & booking

1 session: $ 2,800 HKD

2 sessions: $5,200 HKD

All 3 sessions: $6,600 HKD

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